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Samsung Announces PixCell LED Technology [Video]

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Samsung announced PixCell LED technology that will enable car headlights to act “smart”, like a smartphone camera sensor. While a better lighting is offered to the driver with the technology in question; Energy efficiency is also provided for the automobile.

South Korean tech giant Samsung, with mobile camera technologies, which we often call ISOCELL brings advanced camera technologies of the brand to automobile headlights. Samsung’s PixCell LED The new generation automobile headlights, which it calls as, pave the way for both more stylish headlight designs and energy efficiency for automobiles.

PixCell LED technology is roughly located on a single microchip 100 ultra small LEDsand Samsung, Silicone Wall the space between the pixels and the technology he calls only 25 micrometers that is, it enables conventional LEDs to be as small as 1 in 16.

PixCell LED, which makes it possible for each pixel to target different direction Monolithic Integrated Architecture with universal use. In other words, the lighting angle, height or other details of PixCell LED are in compliance with the laws of the country or region where the car will be sold can be changed in the way.

Samsung has also released a video to better explain the advantages of PixCell LED. According to the video in question, PixCell LED illuminates the road in the most appropriate way for the driver. It does not expose the driver of the oncoming car to an intense light. PixCell LED, which detects the position of the oncoming car, interrupts the light of the LEDs for the car.


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Samsung last month For more than 300 thousand electric vehicles PixCell has confirmed that the LED module has shipped. Therefore, we may not have to wait long to see how PixCell LED will provide an advantage in daily life. Until then, you can watch the video below to see what PixCell LED has been.

PixCell LED promotional video

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