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Formula 1 Turkish GP Removed From Calendar

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The UK government opposed the Champions League final to be played in Turkey due to the increasing COVID-19 cases and declared our country a red zone. According to the allegations made by the Formula 1 reporter, the FIA ​​made extensive evaluations after the government’s decision; He removed the Turkish GP from the F1 calendar. These allegations were confirmed by the news of S Sport.

Adding the Turkish GP to the Formula 1 calendar recently, All F1 fans, including us It was an exciting news. Preparations were about to begin at Istanbul Intercity Park for the race to be held between June 11 and 13, but things seemed to get mixed up after the British government declared Turkey as a red zone.

The FIA ​​has removed the Turkish Grand Prix from the Formula 1 calendar, as claimed by the Portuguese-born Formula 1 reporter Noemí de Miguel. Following this claim by the reporter of Portuguese origin, S Sport, the official Formula 1 publisher of Turkey, has confirmed the news at the highest level for now, with its share on Twitter.

Turkish GP canceled:

S Sport, in his post “F1 Turkish Grand Prix planned to take place between 11-13 June It is cancelled.“used expressions.

There is still no statement from the FIA:

While the claim that the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix will be canceled has been spoken for days, the ropes have started to break slowly today. We can say that the sharing first by a reporter and then by S Sport has already confirmed the situation. But still No statement from the FIA Let’s remind.

Why was Turkey removed from the calendar ?: Britain declared Turkey as a red zone:

formula 1

The FIA ​​won the Canadian GP from the F1 calendar last week just pick up for this year announced that they added the Turkish GP instead. As Formula 1 fans, we were delighted with this news and the race will take place in June. this time with the audience We hoped it would pass enthusiastically.

The UK government, which did not want the Champions League Final to be played in our country due to the increasing COVID-19 cases in Turkey, indirectly Formula 1 left the Turkish GP in suspense happened. The UK has made it mandatory for people returning from Turkey to stay in quarantine for about 10 days, which is most Formula 1 teams with factories in the UK seems to affect directly. If England does not make a change in their decision, the teams will not be able to catch up to the next race as they have to go to England before transferring to the French GP. In such a scenario, FIA will have to cancel the Turkish GP.

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