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Turkey Can Be Removed From GP Formula 1 Calendar

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The UK government announced that it had taken Turkey on the red list as of May 7, 2021. This could hit events such as the Formula 1 race in Istanbul and the Champions League final.

In order to combat the coronavirus epidemic, Turkey went into complete closure, thus reducing the number of cases was aimed. Having an important foreign currency expectation from tourism, Turkey announced that some facilities would be provided to visitors from abroad. Among these conveniences PCR test not appliedThere were controversial decisions such as no quarantine.

The United Kingdom has put Turkey on the red list, which they announced, especially because they are afraid that people coming from India could use Turkey as an intermediate station and come. People from countries on this list have to go into quarantine. This situation, At the Atatürk Olympic Stadium Champions League Final to be held and InterCity Istanbul Parkto be done in Formula 1 Turkish GPcan endanger your.

Formula 1 management evaluates the situation

The Turkish GP, which was the most popular race last year, also this year Canada’s replacement on the calendar It was met with great joy. The track, which witnessed Hamilton’s 7th championship last year, hosted Formula 1 after a 9-year break.

There are 10 teams in total in Formula 1. Of these teams McLaren, Aston Martin, Alpine, Red Bull Racing, Mercedes-AMG and WilliamsIts headquarters are located in England. Consequently, the decision taken by the UK can affect the race. An F1 spokesperson made a statement on the matter, “We are aware of the travel restriction statement made by the UK government, we are evaluating the situation and we will make more statements in the coming days” said.


Social Media Reactions to Turkey’s Addition to the Formula 1 Calendar

On the other hand, the restriction may have been reduced by the number of cases during the race. In addition, by putting a distance between the teams and the people outside the race organization, safe corridor creation will be among the alternatives of Formula 1 management. Another possibility is that the teams will go directly to France for the next stage, without returning to the UK.

The British government also Champions League final It is known that he wanted it to be played in England. Two English teams in the final planned to be held at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium Manchester City and Chelsea will face. If Chelsea wins the cup and then falls out of the top 4 in their league, the TSL champion will have to play in the Champions League preference next year.

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