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Tesla’s Patent to Turn Cars into Living Rooms

by pridek

Tesla has a new patent. The patent in question allows the front seats in cars to turn back and turn the vehicle into a living room.

Considered the leading company of the electric car industry TeslaWhile continuing to work to produce more environmentally friendly cars, on the one hand, automobile use will be where it can evolve continues to form ideas about.

A new Tesla patent shared by Taylor Ogan reveals how the company plans to change cars in the future. The patent in question, by turning the front seats back It shows that the interior of the vehicle is transformed into a living room, and the steering wheel panel can be slid to the middle of the vehicle to create a space for the seats to rotate.

Many of the front seats turned backwards the concept we have seen, but Tesla takes this concept one step further in the patent it has received and looks forward like a standard car, futuristic offers a seat solution that can be turned back with a design.

In the expression in the patent text, the concept in question “in a passenger car, truck, sports car or minivan“It is stated that it can be used. In addition, the vehicle on which the concept will be implemented. will not be 100 percent autonomous It is stated that this leads to the conclusion that the use model with the front seats facing back is developed for when the vehicle is parked rather than while driving.

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