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New Mercedes CLA Highlights and Price List

by pridek

The models of CLA, one of the popular models of the German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz, are impressive for the year 2021. CLA 2021, which does not look very different at first glance with the 2020 model, is our guest in this article with its technical details, design and price list.

The CLA series, produced by the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz as both Sedan and Coupe, appears with a different design concept and an improved form in the new generation. Mercedes-Benz, which has applied its new design concept to many models as of 2020, draws attention with some minor changes in the 2021 model of the CLA series.

With 2 equipment packages, AMG and Performance Mercedes-Benz CLAAppeals to users seeking performance by using much more powerful engines in performance equipment. In this context, we cannot say that the AMG hardware is also inadequate in terms of performance, but the most basic thing that distinguishes these 2 hardware is the maximum 163 HP power in the AMG hardware and 421 HP in the Performance hardware.


Exterior design: Frameless windows and classic Mercedes lines dominate

Revealing a new profile with sharper lines compared to the old design approach Mercedes-Benz CLAstands out with its diamond-designed front grille and muscular body. The CLA, which uses frameless glass design for a charismatic look, uses a two-piece headlight design at the back.

With the panoramic glass roof that comes as standard in both AMG and Performance equipment, the Mercedes-Benz CLA, which has a more spacious appearance both outside and inside, welcomes the user with its 19-inch multi-spoke wheels in AMG hardware and 18-inch in Performance equipment.

Offering the desired personalization to the users with a palette of 11 colors in total, CLA has 5 wheel design options. Two of these wheel designs are offered free of charge, while others require additional fees.

Interior design: Extended display control panels and digital gauges

Mercedes CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLA, which has a more spacious interior design compared to previous designs, aims to offer what is expected in the interior with front seats with ventilation ducts and a heated steering wheel.

Offering a total of 7 upholstery designs for users who want customization, Mercedes-Benz allows you to choose all these upholstery designs free of charge. Users who want to add heated seats to their vehicle to accompany the heated steering wheel must pay an additional fee of around 5,000 TL. In addition to all these, the decorations on the front console of the CLA can also be customized from 5 different options.


Active tracking assistant:

Mercedes CLA

Professionally developed by Mercedes-Benz and DISTRONIC This technology includes features such as detecting traffic signs and actively scanning the environment. In this way, the burden of the user is reduced and the security is increased.

Blind spot assistant:

Mercedes CLA

This technology, which monitors the CLA’s blind spots while the user is behind the wheel, takes precautions against collisions during urban and extra-urban journeys. In addition, this technology, which remains active for 3 more minutes after the car is stationary, remains alert during the period of leaving the vehicle after parking the CLA.

PRE-SAFE system:

Mercedes CLA

An audio system technology used by Mercedes-Benz in the CLA PRE-SAFEuses the car’s speakers to generate a frequency that deactivates their ears in possible accident situations. This prevents the loud sound of the accident from harming the user.


MBUX interior assistant:

Mercedes CLA

This assistive technology, which Mercedes-Benz calls MBUX, allows you to perform some functions with intuitive hand movements without touching any physical keys. Scanning the user’s hand movements with the help of a camera located on the roof of the vehicle, MBUX also allows assigning special functions.

Voice assistant:

Mercedes CLA

Coming with a voice assistant that recognizes the user from his / her speaking style and habits, the Mercedes-Benz CLA works by adapting to the natural speaking style. With both this technology and MBUX, Mercedes-Benz, which prevents the user from distracting from the road, takes the necessary precautions for a safe drive.

Heated and ventilated front seats:

Mercedes CLA

These special seats, offered as an option in the 2021 CLA, prevent sweating on long journeys thanks to their ventilation ducts, while at the same time warming the user in cold weather. The fee to have these seats is 17,000 TL.

Mercedes-Benz CLA equipment packages:

Mercedes CLA

The 2021 CLA has 2 hardware packages. The biggest difference between the CLA and Performance hardware packages is the difference in power due to different engine options.

While the CLA hardware package offers 163 HP power, the engine used in Performance equipment produces 421 HP. In addition, the Performance before AMG equipment with some design details and accessories is not that different from AMG in terms of safety. Performance equipment reaches from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds thanks to the engine inside.

Mercedes-Benz CLA performance, engines and fuel consumption:

Mercedes-Benz CLA has 2 different engine types available for sale in our country. CLA, which uses automatic transmission in all engine types, offers only gasoline as a fuel option. Let’s take a look at the engines of the Mercedes-Benz CLA and their fuel consumption.

2.0L Gasoline (421 HP):

Mercedes CLA

  • Average (lt / 100 km): 8.1
  • Urban (lt / 100 km): 10,4
  • Out of town (lt / 100 km): 6.9

1,5L Gasoline (163 HP):

Mercedes CLA

  • Average (lt / 100 km): 6.2
  • Urban (lt / 100 km): 8,5
  • Out of town (lt / 100 km): 4.8

Mercedes-Benz CLA 2021 prices:

Mercedes CLA

  • Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 1,5L AMG 163 HP: 531.200 TL
  • Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 4MATIC 1,5L AMG 163 HP: 567.200 TL
  • Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4MATIC + 2,0L Performance 421 HP: 1.324.800 TL
  • Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4MATIC + Shooting Brake 2,0L Performance 421 HP: 1.373.500 TL

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