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When is which flag waved in Formula 1?

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Flags are used to inform pilots in motor sports. We explained the meanings of the flags, which we often see in Formula 1.

In motor sports One of the most commonly used methods to control races, inform pilots and inform decisions are the flags. Although we have information about the functions of some flags in races in general, numerous There is a flag.

In Formula 1 races, the flags are referees at various points is responsible for shaking. Waving these flags, they transmit the decisions made or the information to be made to the pilots. These flags are for pilots in the cockpit to your screen too are reflected.

Checkered flag

Checkered flag Although it is generally known as the flag waving when the races are over, it is actually the session is over expresses. In timed events such as qualifying and training rounds, the checkered flag is waved when the specified time expires. In races, the flag starts to swing when the first pilot completes the race, until all pilots complete the race continues to swing.

Yellow flag

yellow flag

On the runway dangerous situation Used to indicate that Vehicles can sway when they hit the road, drop a piece, or in the event of an accident. If the only yellow flag is waving that you need to slow downIf the double yellow flag is waving it is necessary to slow down shows. There is no passage while waving the yellow flags.


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Green flag

green flag

It is the flag that indicates that there is no problem. Crossed under the yellow flag when the dangerous parts are over shakes indicate that the race has started again.

Red flag

Red flag

Indicates that the session has stopped. Major accidents, runway issues or adverse weather conditions We can see red flags for reasons such as. After red flags, vehicles usually return to their garages.

Blue flag

blue flag

Pilots who will be on tour is the flag waving. The slow pilot in front swings to give way to the opponent to pass, that the pilot coming behind is ahead of him by lap difference. 3 blue flags It is possible to give a penalty to the pilot who does not comply. Another use of this flag is to indicate that a vehicle is approaching the runway while the pit exit is open.


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Yellow and red striped flag

yellow and red flag

This flag we don’t see very often a certain part of or all of it’s slippery signals. This slippery can have different reasons such as rain or oil. Shaking continues until the situation passes.

The middle is orange black flag

middle orange black flag

This flag is not for all pilots. Therefore, while swinging, pilot number shown. Your respective pilot mechanical problem When this flag, indicating that he is alive, is seen, that pilot has to return to the pit.

Half black half white flag

half black half white flag

Another flag shown with the pilot number is the half black and half white flag. Number of the pilot shown in an unsportsmanlike act indicates that it is found. The pilot who ignores this warning may show a black flag.


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Black flag

black flag

This flag is also waved by showing the pilot number. Your respective pilot that he should come to the pit indicates. It is usually a flag waving to pilots expelled from the race.

White flag

white flag

One of the vehicles on the track that you progress slowly expresses. Pilots should drive with awareness of this situation.

SC and VSC signage

security car

Security tool or virtual security tool displayed when the application is active. On tours led by the security vehicle no transition.

One Formula 1 These are the flags we can see in the race. Pilots, if they do not obey the flags He may receive various penalties. The level of these penalties starts from warning and goes from race to expulsion.

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